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Corporate Team Building and Retreats

Corporate Team Building and Retreats

At Touride Adventures, we provide team building activities that better, even the already strong employee teams. Our team building activities are aimed at improving communication, morale, motivation, productivity, and help the employees discover their strengths and weaknesses. We also customize the activities to meet the companies team building objective. Our team building program includes team building activities that are highly effective, cost friendly, and offer a host of benefits to your organization.

Types of Our Team Building Activities

Adventure team building – This is our tailor-made program designed to make your employees enjoy the fresh air as they engage in competitive and adventurous challenges that reduce stress while encouraging positive emotions. We also refer it to as outdoor team building activities.
Indoor team building – We offer this type of team building in the confines of a four-wall structure to ensure that the activities are not affected by weather elements.
Corporate fun day team building – We designed this type of activity which may include your staff’s family members and location is designed to promote active employee interaction and active spectator participation.
Customized team building – This special type of activity is designed together with our client team, organizations and groups to design an activity that your team will enjoy and that which will meet your business and bonding objective

Types of Our Team Building Programs

One day team building program – This program begins early in the morning till late in the evening with the activities designed to meet your business and the day’s objective.
Overnight team building program – This program is similar to the one-day program only that this one helps your employees foster bonds and improve their communication as they engage in activities such as bonfires, moon walk and bush breakfast. We facilitate this by providing camps which are ideal and secure.
Multiday team building program – This Bosky Adventures and Saris exclusive program is designed to meet your organizations unique set of challenges. It makes it possible for your employees to get comfortable with each other as they constricted to the same area for a period of time.

Why Choose Us?

We are committed to designing team building activities that will help to inculcate a sense of strategic thinking in your employees as well as challenge the existing mental models especially these which may be counter to producing desired results.
Our facilitators are professionals and they customize the activities and advocate for those which build team cohesion by breaking barriers in interpersonal relationships, improve interpersonal communication and enhance negotiation skills.

We understand that your employees are your most valuable asset hence we prioritize in their security during getting the locations as well as during the activities. With us, you are assured that your team will learn the essence of working together to produce the desired outcome since we integrate diverse skills, interests and effort to ensure your objective is met.

 We believe that team cohesion, synergy and shared vision are a requirement for success and deliver quality services based on this aspect.